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My favorite part of the design process is presenting companies, organizations and individuals with uniform, visual expressions. A consistent corporate identity is the quickest way, and most important building block, to achieving professionalism that breeds confidence among consumers and employees alike. Solutions include enhancing or de-emphasizing aspects of the company name; writing a tagline, and refining a writing style for collaterals and Web sites. Helping companies find their "voice" means exploring humor, technical jargon and "folksy" language in order to convey the proper feeling.

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Web Sites
As a Web site designer, my primary goal is to connect clients with their audiences: customers, vendors, new employees, investment community, etc. For those companies that sell products online, creating top-of-mind awareness assures greater Web traffic that translates to measurable bottom line results. Beyond the initial graphics and coding, my ability to strategize implementation of interactive content and online marketing improves communications and amplifies brand recognition. Adding social media, such as Facebook and Twitter have become a required part of the process as well.

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Print Designs
The early part of my career involved a lot of design for print. The Internet had not yet flourished, and a typical company's communications were promoted primarily through collaterals like brochures, flyers, posters and annual reports. Stationery systems (letterhead, business card, envelopes and labels) required me to create graphics, typography, illustration and photography. With the proper flair, I gave those materials life. Interestingly, print design has come full circle; as companies regularly print postcards and flyers that advertise their Web sites, facebook and twitter accounts. 

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