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If the business kicks off, I hope to look for a shop, Designer Renaissance founder and president Ciara Redden says. In fact, she intends to turn the business into a more long-term venture with additional employees.
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Designer Renaissance for top name brands at bargain prices

ATLANTA, GA April 7, 2009
Atlanta native Ciara Redden began her Designer Renaissance business near Airside Retail Park in Atlanta, GA last month, offering barely-worn, top name brands at bargain prices. A self-confessed shopaholic, Ciara was fed up with not being able to open her wardrobe without her clothes and shoes falling out, so she decided to sell them off. .
"With the current economic climate, I realised that people couldn't afford to be splashing out on new designer handbags and shoes,' she said. "Every time I saw shoes in my wardrobe with tags on them and tops unworn, I felt huge pangs of guilt. So I had a huge clear-out and nearly everything I own was taken out." Ciara is a familiar face around the county, having worked as a hostess in Tamango's nightclub for the last three years and she also entered the Miss Ireland and the Dublin Rose competitions. Having completed a degree in hotel and event management, she is now working full-time for the Hilton Hotel. However, fashion is her real passion.

"I started the business three weeks ago on a Saturday and Sunday," Ciara continued. 'I sent text messages to all my friends, which was great as they knew what little treasures I had in my wardrobe. "So far, I have so much of my own stuff to sell that I haven't been buying much more. I will be browsing local shops for bargains though. "I don't want to limit myself to just designer clothing, as my ideal market is the teenager or college student who wants a new top or dress for the weekend, but can't afford to drop 50 in town. "Most of my items have only been worn once or twice to events and never worn again." Ciara will also be selling items from other donators and plans to develop men's and children's section.

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