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Take Note Magazine
Take Note Magazine
Take Note Magazine

Take Note Magazine

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Take Note of the Experts
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Take Note Magazine
Take Note Magazine
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Take Note MagazineWhat is Take Note Magazine?
  • Take Note Magazine, a free webmagazine for women to complete their fashion look of shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, beauty, and essentials.
  • Take Note Magazine is a “fresh” on-line publication that will provide clever, witty, intellectual, trend savvy women with various resources from "Tips from the Experts", "Color Trends", “Designer Bargains” and show stopper accessories that are "Turning Heads". The inclusion of rich media helps site visitors relate to the stories in depth. In addition, there is a free calendar section published every month for "Chicago" and "All Over". Trendy events, spotlighting fashion, arts &culture, festivals, and nightlife. The sophisticated woman can get all this, and much more within a few strokes of their keyboard.
  • The idea of Take Note Magazine was born when Helen L. Blackwell, Founder and President createda web-magazine that serves as a resource guide for women to enhance their style.
Take Note Magazine Editions
Chicago Edition May 2009
All Over June 2009

  • Take Note Magazine Seasonal Categories: summer 2009, fall 2009, winter 2009, spring 2010
  • Shoes: published the first Monday of every season that feature hot new designer trends
  • Handbags: published the first Tuesday of every season that highlights show stoppers
  • Jewelry: published 1st Wednesday of every season ranging from classics, favorites, bargains, and much more...
  • Accessories: published 1st Thursday of every season that profiles the perfect items that will surely make a statement
  • Beauty: published the first Friday of every season from cosmeceuticals & neutraceuticals, hair& nail care, and make-up
  • Essentials: published 2nd Monday every season features must haves for every women

Take Note Magazine Monthly Editions
  • Take Note of the Experts: Tips from fashion gurus and celebrities--published 1stMonday
  • Color Trends: showcasing latest color trends from the fashion world--published 2nd Monday
  • Turning Heads: show stoppers from the hottest top designers---published 3rdWednesday
  • Designer Bargains: This section will highlight exceptional fashionable bargains---published 4thThursday
  • Trend Events: published 1st Wednesday a calendar of "Chicago" and "All Over" highlighting events such as: fashion, art & culture, festivals, and entertainment
  • Take Note Video: published 2ndMonday
  • Take Note Lounge: published 4thMonday of every month--Subscriber interactive blog that will include rating categories and a open forum

Over 2 million readers fall into our niche market Age:
% from 25 to 35
% from 35 to 45
% from 45 to 55

% annual income over $50, 000
% annual income over $70,000
% annual income over $90,000

% hold a college degree or higher

Martial Status
% Single
% Married

A few highlights of Take Note magazine's audience:
  • Independent clever thinkers
  • Socially and politically well connected
  • Involved in their community from various clubs: charities, politics, educational volunteer and board members.
  • Professions: Doctors, Lawyers, CEO's, Directors, VP's, Principals, Executives, Pharmaceutical Sales, Entrepreneurial, Bankers, Politicians, Film & TV Producers, Entertainers, and Artists
  • Intellectual sophisticated trend -savvy woman that may be attending: a social networking event, members only or dinner club, kids function, hot date, charitable event, political function, going to work , the gym, or having a fun night on the town with friends. She needs a resource to point her in the right direction quickly to make her grand entrance.

Helen L. Blackwell
Phone: (312) 804-1493


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Take Note MagazineTake Note MagazineTake Note MagazineTake Note MagazineTake Note Magazine
Take Note Magazine
Take Note Magazine
Take Note MagazineTake Note Magazine
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