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Do you have a small business? Do you work from home? Take a step toward profitability today.

Simply put, you can select cards from an online Web site (thousands available), type your personalized message, choose font, color and size; then type the mailing address and click "Send a Card". An actual card is printed, stuffed in an envelope, and placed in U.S. Postal mail the next morning. All for about $1.00-including postage (no bulk mailing).

This brilliant system blends technology with a personal touch that is perfect for building business relationships. You can even submit your handwriting to be transformed into a font; as well as sign your name.

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FREE, and see how you can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference in the lives of people in your life.

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During the week prior to Christmas, people utilizing Send Out Cards mailed 1,303,560 cards, with December 16th as the single busiest day: 405,203 cards alone!